About Us

Emergency and fire-management services are essential infrastructure components of a community. They provide a resource for dealing with numerous types of emergencies.

Wildland Pro was created to provide the most high-quality products to fit and enhance the needs of these emergency and fire-management service professionals working in their respective communities.

In 2016 Bullkelp bedrolls was born. As an avid outdoorsman, I found myself bedding down wherever I laid my head, and I knew I could take the bedroll of yesteryear and make it better. Over the years, my most loyal customers have been firefighters and first responders. These men and women need to have the ability the “sleep anywhere” with protection from the elements, and know that a compromise in quality is a compromise in comfort. As a thank you for their loyalty to my brand, the WILDLAND PRO program was conceived. You, our first responders, deserve to be recognized and given access to high quality clothing and gear customized for your team. Together with our vendors WILDLAND PRO has got you covered.  - Pete Ganibi